exhibition of Ornella Rudeviсha
«Art of Gipsy»

From June 2nd

exhibition of Ornella Rudeviсha
«Art of Gipsy»

From June 2nd
Emotions, colors, fiery temperament, the history of the Roma people in animated pictures and video projections, complemented by amazing music. Symbiosis of classical art and modern possibilities. The unique exhibition of the young artist Ornella Rudevich is bright colors and the history of the gypsy soul in the new Art of Gipsy exhibition.
More about the exhibition
The main idea of the project is to reveal the essence of the gypsy soul, aspects of the sphere of gypsy spirituality, its manifestations. Show the essence of the gypsy people, change the vector of understanding their way of life, destroy stereotypes and get acquainted with the traditions and aspirations of the gypsy people.

In a space with a meditative atmosphere and "surrounded" by a colorful range of colors, gypsy spirituality and expression, guests will go on a wonderful journey into the distant past to start getting to know the gypsy soul through paintings.

"In my works, I want to share my fantasy world, the world of my own ideas and illusions, which I transfer to the canvas. And also, my works are the history, legends and life of my talented people, their hard way through the centuries."

Absolutely unlike anything else, the exposition is a combination of large-scale bright original paintings, inspiring and complementary video projections and sound design.

In the space of the Digital Art House, art comes to life, thanks to the atmosphere created by projections, music, aromas that involve the viewer and the transmission of the state in which these works were created. The exhibition will not leave anyone indifferent and will become an amazing story, plunging visitors into the world of works by the wonderful artist and designer Ornella Rudevich.

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