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Paper world is back in Riga!

The spring performance of "MIMIRICHI" at the Digital Art House was a huge success, and now you can take part in this exciting and homerically funny action.
Paper world is a "crazy" show that delights viewers of all ages around the world.
The theater of plastic comedy "MIMIRICHI" has won worldwide recognition and many awards, touring in many countries in North and South America, Japan, China and almost all European countries.
And now "MIMIRICHI" is at the Digital Art House with the show "Paper World" - an incredibly funny and captivating production, told in a universal language of facial expressions and gestures, accompanied by 360 projections that complement the show with visual illusions.

The Paper World show invites viewers to become accomplices in the action and look beyond the mysterious white paper wall that separates the auditorium from the backstage. In Paper World, clowns live in a world made entirely of paper. Such seemingly uncomplicated material becomes, as the plot develops, a source of vivid creativity and unexpected improvisations. Regardless of age, the audience is drawn into the action, which ends with an exciting paper extravaganza covering the auditorium. Delight, amazement and a sense of magic - with such emotions, the audience in every corner of the world meets Mimirichi artists who bow.

The heroes of the performance take the enthusiastic audience with them into the magical and difficult "Paper World". These wizards work on the stage, not just reproducing clown tricks and showing inexhaustible imagination. Building paper monsters and phantoms, they make you enjoy life, laugh, and think about the eternal questions of good and evil.
Each performance uses up to 25 kilograms of paper, which the smiling audience invariably takes away as souvenirs, and the few remnants of the paper performance are disposed of properly, without harming nature.

The paper world is a holiday for children, they joyfully collect a pile of papers that fly into the hall during the performance, play with clowns, throwing paper balls at them, get sick the loudest in anticipation of a paper goal and grab paper flakes flying from the stage, leaving them to themselves as a particle a miracle given by wonderful clowns.

We invite you to plunge into childhood! Laugh, make fun!
"Paper world" is a performance without a language barrier. That is why the performance travels the world, delighting and inspiring both adults and children. I have no words! Only emotions!

Only 2 performances on October 15 and 16 at 12:00.
Only at Digital Art House. Riga, Skolas street 2.