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Digital Jazz Festival

On International Jazz Day, April 30, we invite you to the Digital Jazz Festival!

The Digital Jazz Festival will bring together the brightest representatives of Latvian jazz on its stage to go on an incredible musical journey and immerse yourself in the magical world of jazz “attacks”. A variety of directions presented by artists on one stage will allow you to find something of your own, unique and inspiring.

All evening visitors will be surprised by:
Denis Pashkevich's project TEN KA, incendiary guys and representatives of the young generation The Coco'nuts, the performance of Miķelis Dzenuška and the guys Uzvaras Bulvāris - which in itself is a rarity, as well as the Funcoolio group that will perform compositions from their new album, and the game will add atmosphere on vinyls by DJ Mareks Ameriks.

In the programme of the evening:
TEN KA (modular jazz, electronic) - Denis Pashkevich - founder of TEN KA - composer and multi-instrumentalist. Denis will present acoustic and electronic modular soundscapes, jazz and contemporary rhythmic music through TEN KA.
Funcoolio (instrumental jazz/fusion) won the hearts of listeners thanks to original instrumental compositions in the Baltic Fusion style.
Miķelis Dzenuška & Uzvaras Bulvāris (jazz/funk/fusion) is always a protest and a challenge. At the festival, we will hear jazz-fusion and funk compositions from the first album of the musician Pritonā, as well as works that have not yet been played.
The Coco'nuts (funk/jazz/blues) is an incredible mix of funk, blues, rock, swing and indie tunes in a mysterious musical jungle. The group is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.
DJ Mareks Ameriks (Vinyl's) is always breathtaking vinyl improvisations. And a complete disconnect from reality.

The festival program will be complemented by specially designed 360 video projections and historical footage (photos and videos) of jazz festivals of previous years, which will allow you to feel the atmosphere of the evening even better and plunge into the world of jazz.
At the disposal of the audience: a concert venue and an art cafe with drinks and snacks, where you can discuss what you see and chat with the artists.

The brightest jazz event of this spring!

April 30, 19:00 (entrance from 18:00)