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When Jazz Meets Opera

Digital Art House presents: International project"When Jazz Meets Opera".

Participants: Latvian National Opera singer - Marianna Nobre Kordeiro da Silva (soprano) from Brazil, singer Michele Troia (dramatic tenor) from Italy ,heir to the soloist of Teatro Massimo di Palermo - Vincenzo Troia (baritone),Diana Pirags, famous Latvian singer (mezzo-soprano),daughter of jazz diva - Olga Pirags, the string quartet Alma: Anna Salnit (violin)Daria Kuzma (violin), Diana Anna-Ritenberga (violin), Irina Vilegzanina (violoncello).

It’s a great experience to listen to opera & jazz music and enjoy this super expressing and emotional art on 8th & 9th of november in Riga,at the Digital Art House. If you are looking for some of the best opera songs of all time, prepare yourself for a nice journey discovering most beautiful Neapolitan songs& arias by Giacomo Puccini, Giuseppe Verdi,compositions of George Gershwin,Duke Ellington & other famous composers.

This upcoming concerts take place in a space where art comes to life ... Digital Art House.
Thousands of images are set in motion.You will be transfixed as 360-degree views of artworks flash around the room. Alive with sound and colour, paintings of great artists such as
Wangog, Clint, Monet and other famous masters slowly come into focus, characters come out of their frames and artworks come to life – on the walls, on the ceiling and even on the floor beneath your feet.
You will have a unique opportunity to admire the connection between music and paintings that inspired people all over the world.
We are looking forward to welcoming you at the premiere!
Producer and project idea by Diana Pirags