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Presentation of the debut album EZIA "Cycles"

The album presentation concert will take place on March 31, 2022 at the Digital Art House at Skolas Street 2, Riga.

The album "Cycles" tells about the cycles a person goes through on a daily basis and during their lifetime. The songs talk about love, divorce, self-seeking and the realization of dreams. "The music was created by combining my Latvian mentality with life in Brooklyn, New York, which allowed me to get to know American music - R&B, neo-soul and jazz - from its source. The main message of the album is to cultivate love and respect towards oneself, which then greatly influences our attitude towards the world around us, ”says EZIA.
At the concert, EZIA will perform the compositions of the album "Cycles", and listeners will also have an exclusive opportunity to hear music that is planned to be released in the future. The concert program will be complemented by specially designed video projections, which will allow you to experience the musical atmosphere and message even better.


Doors open at 7.30 pm, the concert starts at 8 pm, tickets available at digitalarthouse.eu.
EZIA has spent four years working and studying in New York, where she graduated from The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music last year. More info on EZIA, including tours, audio samples, news, and reviews is available on Instagram @eziaishere or Spotify, Apple Music, etc.