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Edith Piaf

On March 8 and 10, Digital Art House will host an audio-visual one-man show by Edith Piaf. A play by Edith Piaf, written and directed by actress Elena Dudich.

The day of the premiere - March 8, was not chosen by chance. This is the day when we admire women especially loudly, without hesitation, without hesitation.

Women inspire, shape culture and art for centuries, give us meaning. And one of these representatives of the fair sex, Elena Dudich, will present us with the image of Edith Piaf, whose name is inscribed in the history of the twentieth century in golden letters.
Amazing woman, fantastic life, amazing destiny. Great people always become mysteries for us that we want to unravel... And when a great person is a real woman, then be sure: no matter how much you think that now you will reveal the secret of success, at the last moment the truth will slip away! Edith Piaf is a play written and directed by actress Elena Dudich. This is a performance about the fact that neither fame nor success - nothing is given without pain, and you have to pay for everything. This is a performance about an amazing woman who owns the words addressed to all people: “I am, fortunately, one of those who paid with their lives for your love.”
In the space of the Digital Art House, the story of Edith Piaf will acquire a new sound and be filled with new bright colors, thanks to the atmosphere created by projections, reviving photographs and canvases, bewitching music, involving the viewer into the world of the great Edith Piaf.

On March 8 and 10 at the Digital Art House at Skolas 2