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Mahala Rai Banda

Having blown up the scenes in the US and Europe, Eastern European Romanian rockers Mahala Rai Banda will rock the Digital Art House scene with their ferocious gypsy funk. The sound of Mahala Rai Banda is gypsy music of the 21st century: rooted in tradition, but with a hint of soul. When the Mahala Rai Banda takes the stage, old gypsy music around the campfire blends with the raucous din of the nightclubs.

Since the release of their debut album Mahala Rai Banda's have performed over 200 concerts in 26 countries. Their song "Mahalageasca" (both in the original version remixed by Shantel) appeared in the British-American feature film "Borat", as well as in several other films and projects.
Mahala Rai Banda is an orchestra composed of various instruments (violin, trumpet, saxophone, cymbals, percussion and accordion) that does not belong to any particular genre. It is here that traditional village music meets the radically modernist style of gypsy music from Bucharest, Middle Eastern ornaments, modern rhythms and more complex rhythms from the Balkans, as well as the harmonies of Moldavia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania and Turkey.