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"Hurry up to memorize my face features! Arthur Nikitin"

The exhibition will allow you to follow the path of life of one of the most talented, original and famous artists of modern Latvia, Arthur Nikitin.

The exposition starts from youth. The beginning of the path is his workplace, "office". The path continues through the main place of inspiration - the farm in Omuli. Maturity and a rhetorical question to yourself "who am I"?
Further, one of the most important stages of life: friends, dreams, fantasies, and of course women.

And then, unexpectedly for the artist himself, with music and abstraction, the cycle closes with a work called "A Feast in Hell". And no matter how this feast ends, the mark left by the artist's hand will live forever.
The artist trusted our vision and allowed us to present the exhibition in a new format with digital floating projections of photographs from his personal archive and heartfelt music - the author's favorite works.
The author's works are presented on 2 floors of the Digital Art House - these are paintings, sculptures, photographs from the artist's personal archive.

Presented as flagship works of the artist, such as "April 1995", "Black Saxophone" Jerry Maligen, 2007 "," Suzanne and the Elders, 1990 "," Do not commit adultery, 1997 " and "A Feast in Hell, 2007" and rare specimens from the rescued collection from France, which has not yet been presented to the viewer. This collection was taken out of Paris in 2018 by A. Nikitin's son, Arthur Nikitin Jr.
The collection consists of 18 canvases, 4 of which are presented at the exhibition - "Amber Woman, 1996", "Month of June, 1993", "Canary, 2003", "Still Life in the Dunes, 1989".

"Artur Nikitin is an analyst by nature. In search of the hidden, inner, innermost, he deforms and destroys the usual forms, shocking with his arrogance and delighting with the sophistication of taste, stirring up the imagination and irritating the meaning that escapes unambiguous reading. Even time in his works turns out to be indefinable: it is extended to infinity, then it is compressed to one instant, "- Svetlana Khaenko.