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Song of Solomon

On May 26, 2022, DIGITAL ART HOUSE will premiere evidence of more than two thousand years of love history, which actors Nadine Bokovikova and Evgeny Leonov interpret in Russian.
The play "Song of Songs" is based on one of the books of the Old Testament - Song of songs. This is a series of love poetry texts attributed to Solomon. The performance is like a love anthem, and the musicians involved in the performance, scenography and choreography reveal its symbolic meaning.
Director Nadine Bokovikova reveals the main idea of ​​the original text through the pace of life and everyday feelings of a modern person, actualizing supervalues ​​of love that remain sacred at all times, in any situations and regardless of aesthetic tastes.
The performance uses the synodal translation of the "Song of Songs" (XIX century). Text the main characters read to each other - He and She. The movements are minimal leads to the creation of a graphically dance figurative pattern, which alternates with the plastic elements of dance and reveals spiritual aspirations and dreams, suffering and happiness. Two musicians take part in the performance: Alice Klimanskaya (flute) and Natalia Grigorovich-Skarbinika (violin). Thanks to them in interaction of music with text, the emotional world of the main heroes. The performance also features the Armenian singer Hasmik Bagoyan, who performs six love songs that sacralize space and create a sense of ritual, symbolizing spiritual marriage and preparation for it.
The purpose of the performance is to promote emotional empathy and empathy spectators. Thanks to the actualization of the literary rich symbolic text the crystal transparency of love is revealed, which connects a woman and a man in the spiritual world.
The performance is also complemented by 360 thematic digital projections, which will allow the viewer to fully immerse themselves in what is happening on stage.
Performance duration: 60 min.
Author of the production: Nadine Bokovikova
Project manager: Roman Pushkarev

She is Nadine Bokovikova
He is Evgeny Leonov
Narrator - Hasmik Bagoyan
Musical Director – Max Roomsky
Flute: Alisa Klimanskaya
Violin - Natalia Grigorovich-Skarbinika
Lighting designer: Andrejs Krumins
Sound engineer: Vladimir Kozinda
Visualizations: Digital Art House