Generative Art Exhibition | From 31.08.2022
The exhibition of generative art is a unique symbiosis of creativity and modern technologies. The artist creates an algorithm that generates an infinite number of unique images with a set of random parameters, but at the same time with a single concept. The result can be static, moving, 3D or even virtual, but the most important thing is that each image is unique and has no analogue.

Guests of the exhibition will be presented with more than 30 generative artworks that can be created in real time, thus becoming co-authors of the work.

This exhibition is the first of its kind in the world and will run until 31 October 2022.
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ABOUT author
Ilya Borisov is one of the most famous generative artists in the world - the author of almost four thousand works, the value of which on the secondary market exceeds $20 million.

One of the most sought-after artists in NFT art, Ilya Borisov, hiding under the pseudonym SHVEMBLDR, is a Riga resident, so the opening of this exhibition carries special significance for the artist.
I am very pleased to be able to present a world-unique exhibition "FLEETING INFINITY by SHVEMBLDR" at a venue such as Digital Art House.

Almost from the very beginning of my career as a generative artist, I thought about the format of the exhibition, in which the guest could become a direct participant in the creation of the picture. I'm glad I got the opportunity to do it in my hometown!

unique opportunity
for exhibition visitors!
Each online ticket purchaser each week is given a unique opportunity to participate in a drawing* for one of 45 very high quality printed works of the artist displayed on the walls.

Each of these works is one-of-a-kind, and does not replicate any of the existing works.
Each week while the exhibition is on, there will be a drawing for one painting by the artist.

*To participate in the drawing when buying tickets online, please check the box to agree to participate in the draw and additionally enter your phone number.


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