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Latvian artists exhibition
Ilona Abileva in collaboration with Digital Art House open an exhibition of graphics and drawings Vol.II.

The exhibition presents works by more than 30 Latvian artists.
The purpose of the project: to acquaint visitors with various techniques in the visual arts.
Classical graphics techniques (lithography, needle, etching and others) and drawing (simple pencil, ink, charcoal and others), as well as new author's techniques.

The works of the authors are presented on the 2nd floor of the Digital Art House. Here are their names:
Andris Abiļevs, Baņuta Ancāne, Aivars Vilipsōns, Harijs Brants, Ilze Neilande,Oļegs Dzjubenko, ILona Abiļeva, Anatolijs Šandurovs, Māris Abiļevs, Vladislavs Grišins, Alfreds Paulausks, Baiba Baiba, Anna Kustikova, Kristīne Guršpone, Vitālijs Stanislavkis, Reinis Liepa, Veronika Voļska, Anete Kalniņa, Ilze Smildziņa, Alise Mediņa, Zane Balode, Elīna Alka Rikmane, Lauris Mīlbrets, Jekaterīna Grjazeva, Līga Ķempe, Signe Štrauss, Dina Zakmane, Toms Izāks, Anastasija Dubovska, Varis Krauklis, Justīne Lūce, Laura Veļa, Fjodors Zernovs.

Thanks to digital floating projections and soulful music that accompanies the exhibition, visitors will be able to feel the full range of feelings conveyed by the authors through their paintings, to feel every stroke, brushstroke, every detail.
It should be noted that the exhibition of graphics and drawings Vol.II is a continuation of the exhibition Vol.I in Cydonia Gastropub.


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