Flow of life

Personal exhibition of Jelena Belous
15.07-03.10 | New hall
The New hall is open at the Digital Art House, where the exhibition Flow of Life by the photographer-marinist Jelena Belous are on.

The main idea of the "Flow of Life" project is to show the parallels between the world of the ocean and human life. The exhibition performs photographs taken by the author in 2018–2020
About the author
Jelena Belous is a young photographer from Riga. Professionally engaged in photography since 2016.
From a family of seafarer, Jelena has been immersed in the marine environment since childhood. In search of her direction as a photoartist, she turned to childhood memories and feelings, thus finding her place in art.

The author perfectly perceived the uniqueness, unusualness, variability, strength and tranquility of water, delving into and revealing how the rhythm and colors of water change.

Jelena approaches the movement of water in different ways, forming varied textures and patterns. Thus, in her photographs, water is transformed into abstract paintings.
About the project
The "Flow of Life" photo art project draws the parallel between the ocean & the human being perspectives.
Through the captured movement of water, it reflects feelings, states and situations of the observer's life.
Photo artworks are impulses for feelings and reflections.

Depending on its form or chemical composition, water can heal and give life, or vice versa, can destroy it.
A wave can be an all-absorbing tsunami, a salty ocean wave or a light sea that discreetly touches the hem of your clothes. A wave can be entirely calm, practically invisible or a slight vibration on the surface of a fresh lake caused by the blowing of the wind.
Each wave has its own personality and mood, unique and coherent, like each one of us. Waves are as different as human beings and the events of our lives, and as connected as every human being in the world. Waves unfold in their course like a person's life in a stream of feelings and events. These metaphors are infinite.
Welcome to the exhibition from 15/07 until 15/09
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